It's Time to have a look at what we do.


A core replacement is usually our worst case scenario option, where the bearing housing isn’t reusable. What this consists of is exactly as it is said, we replace the old core with a brand new one that matches up to exact spec of your old core. This option is also our most highly recommended option as it eliminates long term hassles, ensuring that your vehicle will be able to take you round for the long run.


When the client’s turbocharger has been damaged, but not too badly, we then recommended reconditioning thereof, this process is simple as it only involves replacing the shaft, compressor wheel and internal kit. After replacing these parts, we then balance the turbocharger core and refit it into the housings.


A billet upgrade consists of 3 main parts, these are as follows, a bigger compressor wheel which is made of billet material, the engineering of your intake housing and the engineering of your backing plate to ensure that the bigger billet wheel has a nice snug fit. This upgrade usually adds between 7-14kW and because the billet material is lighter than the cast iron material, it spools up faster improving fuel efficiency and the time taken to provide the boost is decreased. This upgrade usually takes between 3-4 days to complete.


The hybrid upgrade is the big daddy of the lot, as it contains upgrades on both your intake side and exhaust side. This process is similar to the billet upgrade, but contains a little more work and of course, costs a little bit more. Firstly we engineer the intake housing and backing plate, then we engineer your exhaust housing to be able to take a bigger sized shaft, paired with your bigger billet wheel. This combination is only recommended for clients with vehicles that have upgrades on, as this upgrade might damage a stock engine.


The catalytic converter is a precious metal filter in your exhaust system, this filter is used to filtrate the harmful emissions from your exhaust gasses. The problem with these filters are that they tend to block up after a while, thus creating pressure in the exhaust system that can’t escape fast enough, the only place where that pressure can go to is back to the turbo, this then starts to damage the turbo charger as time goes along. With certain vehicles it is then necessary to replace the old cat with a Mini-Cat, which is a sensor like device that registers back to your cars ECU and ensures normalized function.


Servicing of turbochargers is often necessary as there might be some minor damage to the inner bearings and seals with all of the wear and tear that occurs during the driving process. This process entails us removing and replacing your old seals and bearings with new ones, we then balance the core and then refit it into the housings according to spec..


We offer custom intake housings, with a wide variety to choose from you can be assured that your turbo will have the looks and the performance.


Every now and then there aren’t any parts available to repair a turbocharger, in this instance we fabricate and engineer parts to fit the turbo accordingly and up to factory spec. These type of repairs often cost a bit more due to the resources being implemented, and this process often takes a bit longer than the usual repair.